Calendar for 2017!

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The new color calendar for 2017 made from the winning photos in the photo competition Movement! In the right direction appeared and can be ordered. Slowly we approach the end of 2016 and we are at the gate of the new year. There will be days that will seem shorter, some longer, and it is doubtful that we can achieve everything we set for next year. But one thing is certain: it all depends on our attitude. We expect to realize activities and have a positive attitude in solving them. To do everything possible to be consistent, to love nature, to know the places that surround us, respect nature.

So, here is the calendar for 2017 with some useful tips with important days marked in green. The calendar designed by Silvia Blanco Gonzalez can be ordered by phone 0766-611066 or can be accessed online on the web address of the association The price of the calendar is 17 RON (13 - A4pages).

We wish you a green new year full with achievements!

Sponsors Covasna County Council, Erasmus +