Christmas is coming :)

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Snow where are you ? I want that for Christmas comes a lot of snow, I'm still hoping for the snow. Now everywhere are already the Christmas decoration and it's sooo beautiful, I like a lot! In 6 days I will go back to Austria to visit my family and my friends for Christmas, it will be fantastic. They are already looking forward to see me again, and I'm also looking forward to see them and to hug them. I will enjoy the time with them! ;) After New Year I will come back to Kézdi, that will be also fantastic. Again one Year over, the time is running sooooo fast!! I remember when I came here everything was so new for me, and now it's already 4 month since we are here. I like Kézdivásárhely very much, it's so beautiful and nice city. :) Last Weekend we were in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) for two days. It was very interesting and nice. There was a Christmas market and it was so beautiful with the decoration and everything. After the Christmas market we were searching for a bar, because they were all hidden. At the end we found two bars. We stayed in a Pension, it was a little bit outside from Sibiu, but it was nice. On Monday at midday we started to travel back to Kézdivásárhely. When we arrived back we were a little bit tired, but I was happy to be back in Kézdi. At the moment I'm learning three languages: Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish. It's a little bit hard to learn three languages in the same time, but I will do it! :) Sometimes I mixing Hungarian, Romanian, German and English, it's very funny. Hungarian is now the most language what I understand good from the three languages, and I can also speak now a little bit Hungarian. But after a while I will also know better the other two languages. I like to learn languages. Szeretem tanulok magyarul. En elkezd kicsi beszélek magyarul. :D Melissa vagyok es húsz eves. Örvendek, hogy talalkoztunk! Kesöbb talalkoztunk. ;) Tanulok többet es többet! I wish you all a good day/week and Merry Christmas for all! :) Szia/ Viszlát! ;)

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