First of April

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We just came back of one week holiday.

For me it's was really healthy to go out and see new thing, meet new people. I'm ready to start working again, with more motivation, more energy. During this week, i met one Hungarian girl and she told me that i have a great accent in Hungarian ! I was so happy ! Spring is here and it's really good for my mood to feel the sun on my skin. Last month, I really enjoyed doing the upcycling purse in magazine paper even if it was very long to do it. I think i'm good with working with my hand. Well I don't know if I'm good but I enjoy it a lot. This month we have a lot of activity to organize in schools. It's very interesting to prepare, what will do. Even if sometime we don't have enough time to think about it. I will not be here this month so much because i'm taking some day off to visit the country.

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