First bike tour in 2015

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Sometimes the weather is not good to go out for a bike tour and you have to leave it for the next day. And the next day is a perfect day for it. This happened in the last (and first of this year) bike tour with the GSA which was done the 17 of May. Photos from the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The trip started in front of the stadium at 9:00 in the morning and it was a sunny Sunday. We biked along the Nemere way during 10 hours of effort, laughs and food. The age of the participants was very diverse and even we had a small boy with 6 years who did part of the way with us. But in total, it was 27 persons who did the tour. The tour passed by Kiskászon, Kézdikővár, Torja, Futásfalva, Ikafalva, Felsőcsernáton and finally back to Kézdivásárhely completing the tour with 60km. The first village we visited it was Kézdisznetlélek and we biked up to Perkő to rest a little bit, to enjoy the view and we listened the history of the church from Szentlélek and Perkő told by one of the GSA members, Hodor Enikő. In Torja we had the chance to visit the Apor castle, with the permission of Mr. Apor Csaba Baron. And in Ikafalva the priest, Bardócz Csaba, held us in the church to talk a little bit about the town and the history of the church together with small sweets. We arrived to Kézdivásárhely at 18:45 exhausted and with the only energy left to go back home, but happy to spend the day in the Nemere Trail and being able to do the whole trip. This was the first of the year and for sure is not the last, so we will meet again with more strength. Clara.