Green Stand at Perkő

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On Saturday, 11 June was held the XI edition of  Perkő Transylvania Children and Youth Folk Dance Festival, where Green Sun Association received invitation to entertain the participating children. We enjoyed all day with the children who wanted to come to our green stand to play several games.

We offered the following games: 

  • the Finland's game called Mölkky
  • the balance game, which is one game where every children had to test their balance (only a couple of them could put every little piece of wood above the platform hold over one tennis ball, maintaining the balance)
  • target shooting game where children`s need to throe rings into several wood sticks and score as much as possible
  •  the famous twister, without discussion it  was one of  favourite during all day (they played without stopping from early morning until we picked everything)
  • and finally one of the member of our association made some snakes with soap and plastic bottles recycled which children loved.

Besides the beauty of Perko we passed there more than 7 hours between games and dances.

The weather allowed us to enjoy the day without rain. Most of the day was sunny and cloudy from time to time and only at the end of the activities came the rain. So summing up, it was a pleasure to share the day with all the people who came to our stand to play with us in a very special place as Perko is.

Enrique de Paz