Green stand at Zagon

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Once again, the Green Sun Association was invited to participate in the commemoration party of Calvinus in the village of Zagon. Some pictures of the event can be found in the GSA facebook page.

Joining to the stand of Ikafalva, we could share the morning and part of the afternoon playing with the children who came to our area to enjoy some green games like basket pong, the Möllky or throwing the hoops into the wood sticks. Was a pleasure share this time with all the Ikafalva people and enjoy the amazing meal they provided to us as part of the food context in where every village tested their culinary skills. 

After lunch and delight some homemade sweets, some ex-lushes people talked about their experiences with alcohol and how to overpass the problem and smile to life again.

At the end of the day, one Zumba dance and some football matches between local villages fired the event.

One more time, the GSA came home with the satisfaction of another compliment day.

Enrique de Paz.