Green Sun Association in the Talent Camp!

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 Green Sun Association on 23 June visited the children's attending to the Talent Camp in Sepsibesenyő village. The members of the association at the arrival had met with preschool teacher Szabó Tünde, after followed the activities with children.

 On the activity participated 13 children's, from where 3 boy and 10 girls. After a small presentation of the association, Haykuhi Harutyunyan EVS volunteer had started the activity , with a special finger game to relax the children's and make them prepared for the activities.

 After started the main activities with the main objective to make children aware of the importance of recycling trough some creative handcraft activities. The handcrafts was conducted by organization member Derzsi Katalin and EVS volunteers Haykuhi Harutyuyan and Ayşe Büşra Yilmaz.

 After the children played outside a few teambuilding games, and after they had play a special card game created by organization, the aim was this time to the recycling process of different type of waste.

 The last activity was conducted by Ráduly Attila, where the children's needed to save the imaginary city called Bartabás from the huge pollution. Childrens had came with various solutions, witch aimed to save the village.

 We say thanks for the Szekler Talent Foundation for inviting us in this special day.

Author: Ayşe Büşra Yılmaz

Photo: Attila Raduly