Happy moments in Romania! :D

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Now I'm here since two months, and it's fantastic. I'm very happy. The only bad thing is that the time is running so fast and that makes me very sad because I don't want that the time is passing so fast, but that's the life. I think what I can do is to enjoy every moment in this year and to forget the time. I always meet lots of new people, and I win new friends and I like also to spend a lots of time with them and enjoy it and to have lots of fun. In this two month I saw lots of beautiful places, it was amazing and I hope I see more of the beautiful places. Now is the autumn here, and its so colorful everywhere. It's wonderful, but it means also that the winter is coming soon and it will be very cold. I'm really will be looking forward to see how is the winter here. I hope not to much cold but I will see...

Two weeks ago we had the On-arrival-training in Predeal. For me the training was very interesting and helpful, because we had learned a lots of new things, for example: Culture shocks and about the Romanian culture, some words from the Romanian language, lots of games, and other things what we need for this year. We were 70 peoples from 20 different countries from the whole world and we won a lots of new friends and I hope I will meet some of them again. I was in a small group, and it was perfect, we had a very good trainerin and she had learned us lots. After the training I went with a group from Bucharest to visit the Dracula castle and it was very interesting and a good day. At the evening I took a bus to Sfântu Gheorghe and from there I took the train to Kézdivásárhely. The trains drive here very slowly so it was very late when I arrived in Kézdi but it was not a problem because on Sunday it was our free day. Last week on Thursday until Friday we had one event „The 24 hours running day”. For me it was a good event, I made lots of pictures and sometimes we had also to run some rounds, it was great. At the evening there came a group from the Zumba-dancer it was very funny because I also tried it, and maybe this week I will go to the Zumba group, that I can learn it. I feel here very good and comfortable, and I can collect new experiences and I learn lots of new things from here. So one of my dreams is now reality and that's very good. :) I'm also looking forward when my family come next year to visit me and I can hug them. I can show them lots of good places. That will be fantastic. I miss them, but we Skype very often and so I know that everything is okay and so it's good for me and I'm happy. :) I wish all a good day and have fun! Have a green day ;) Szia :)

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