Imagine just one day in a life of a street dog!

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How must be the life for them? Really, did somebody thought of this just one day? It makes me so sad to see them going around and looking for food, for a warm place where they can sleep, and that's every day again and again. It's a hard fight every day, to survive. I'm just asking why? What have they done, that they have so a hard and lonely life. But the thing is, they did nothing wrong, it's not the fault of them, because they are dogs and they can't change it, it's the fault of the humans, they have the power to change something. Do you think a dog can choose if he want to be a street dog or not? No he can't choose, he have to live with this. Dog's can be your best friends, they have really a big heart. And if you give them love and a nice home, they will stay always on your side and protect you. I know it's hard to change because there are a lot of street dogs, but if everybody help together we can change something. Yes of course there are dog shelters and they save them the life. But do you know what happens after 3-4 weeks, if nobody comes to pick them. They kill them, because the dog shelters have not too much place and not enough money to buy for all enough food. I would pick all the dogs, but it's unfortunately not possible. Maybe now everybody thinks, okay and why she is writing that in her blog?! Because I think it's a serious theme and I hope it will change someday. I think a lot of times on the poor dogs and asked myself why ? For me it's not understandable. I heard some days ago, which stupid rule they made for street dogs, that it's not allowed to feed them! Hello ? Why ? They can't change if they are homeless dogs or not. Thats really not fair for them! I love dogs, and it' really makes me so sad to see a dog, which is lying under a tree, full of hunger and freezing. Last time i found one dog, and she was very hungry and freezing. I just was sitting next to her. At the beginning she was afraid and she ran away, but after a while she came back, and suddenly she was sitting next to me, and she enjoyed really, that somebody stayed with her. Suddenly she put one of her paw on my legs and she looked on the floor, than she started to make noises, it was like she was crying, but for me it was like she wanted to say thank you. And nobody can say again that dogs have no feelings,because they have! Next day I went again to the tree, because she was there already three days, and I visited her all days, but when i came there she wasn't here. I was really sad! Because maybe somebody catched her, and bring her to the dog shelter, where she can live for just 3 weeks, after she have to die, if nobody pick her. So I really hope, that one nice family will have a home for her and give her a nice future. I would do it, if I would have the chance. German-lessons I had already last Thursday my first German lessons and it was very good. I had to make two groups, because there are 35 people, who want to learn German, that's really great. :) At first we started with the ABC, and the people knew already a lot of words in German. So I'm looking forward for the next lessons, because I really like to teach them my mother language. I wish you all a nice day! Sziasztok! :)

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