It is 8 August and I am in Romania already since 2 month.

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It is 8 August and I am in Romania already since 2 month. 

My brain is starting to be rebel because this is the first time we've had such a long vacation....(just kidding) but you have to think 10 minutes about the documents, and all the desire to return disappears.
July flew by pretty quickly. 
For this month I managed to:
- take part in several interesting activities for children and youth;
- holding Zsófi. Her project was only for three months and it's make me sad (;
- to meet Allen and Miguel. Finally I hear native Russian speech!
- attend two birthdays parties – Carmen`s and Attila`s. Now I know that celebrating a birthday in Russia is very different from celebrating here;
- have a great time with my mentor Gayane. Every meeting with her is a small holiday. Thank you!

In a few sentences to describe all the events of July-you know how, practice it!
In fact, I'm really looking forward to autumn and winter! For me, the unbearable heat and constant sun is quite unusual. In a few months, I'll be the happiest man in the world!

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