Last Bike Tour of the year

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Neither the light rain at the beginning of the morning or the 65 km.  that we totally did, could not scare the brave participants.
Starting from Kézdivásárhely, we toured the region through places like Szentkatolna, Gelence, Haraly, Zabola, Székelypetőfalva, Szörcse, Márkosfalva, Martonfalva and Hatolyka.

But the event was not only  about cycling,  also was  place for the cultural activities such as the visit of the local museum in Zabola, or the visit to a cattle farm, where some “Grey Hungarians” cows welcomed us.  During the bike tour the participants helped us to paint three new wood holders, where in the following days we will put the informational boards of Nemere Trail.

Summarizing, people finished very satisfied and it’s a shame that for this season, we have to say goodbye to this events, not because we don’t want to keep on it, It's only because winter is coming and the weather conditions doesn’t allow us. 

See you next spring.

Enrique de Paz