Let's start the winter-time here in Kézdivásárhely! ;)

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Now the winter is here and I'm so happy. We have so much snow here, it's soooo nice! I want to build a snowman, and to toboggan and Ice-skating. It will be funny all this things. :) The best was, that it was snowing on my birthday, now I like the winter so much and here everything is so beautiful with the snow and with the Christmas decoration. Everyday it's more snowing, it's amazing. Again one year older, but it doesn't matter the age. I'm feeling good and I'm healthy thats important. I have fulfilled my dream, to be here. I'm soooo happy. Today my Family sent me a present for my birthday, I was sooo surprised because I said to them they don't should send me something, but they sent me so cute things, and they wrote me so nice words in a card. I have the best Family, I love them and miss them a lot. In Christmas I will go home for two weeks, and than I see them again. :) After the two weeks I'm looking forward to come back, here to Kézdi, because I like it so much here. I hope the time is running not so fast, because I'm enjoying here so much, and it makes me sad when the time goes so fast. Yesterday we started already with the Romanian lessons and I think its not a very hard language. I like to learn languages. I learned so much thing since I'm here, it's fantastic. Okay and now I continue to work on the Postcards for Christmas and New Year. So I wish you all a very good day, and enjoy the winter! Servus Szia / Ciao :D

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