Mid term meeting - August 2016 -

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For each volunteer are important two dates- the on arrival training and the mid-term.
In 2016 our mid-term took place in Brasov between 21-25 of August,. We already knew few guys from OAT but here we get toknow others also and we made new friends.
The training process was very interesting. It made us to remember the road which we passed since coming here till present times. And we realized how we changed, what was in what we evoluted. There  were 16 volunteer, from 7 associations.
Our trainers  - Carmen and Roxana made different sessions for helping us understand last 5 or 6 months (depends of whom).
Was interesting every day..
During ENTER we knew each other names. We already so it during dinner and walking in city but during ENTER was the official session..)
Also everyone present their organization.
We did teambuilding games, EVS graphic and a lot of interesting things.
Was interesting the task when we had to discover the city. We climbed to high tower, saw historical places in Brasov.
After this sessions was clear how much each of us is motivated. Also we spoke about future. From one hand that is good because you have to go home, again to see your family, to meet your friends. But from other hand that is make you sad because when you are living almost 1 year in one place, that is like making life there. And you have to let it and go. 
In any case we have long time till it and now we have to enjoy our each day.