This month's experiences

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Hello, my May blog is here, This month our organization has conducted a family running event many young people and elders took part, also had families. When the event ended, the president of our organization Ráduly Attila presented the children with commemorative cigars and medals.
On 10 May me and Mariam Evanesyan was Bod Péter Pedagogical High School because On May 10 Hungary celebrates Birds and Trees Day, a special occasion to raise once again awareness for environmental protection and the importance of nature. Mariam spoke about the importance of trees, their role in today's life, and their effect on humans. My topic was birds and their importance to the environment, why it is important to promote them and how we can help them. After our presentation, we did a little quiz about birds with school children. The children really enjoyed this activity. Everyone was happy.
Our organization organized an event on the last week of the month. On the morning of May 28th, we all piled into our bikes and embarked on a long journey with several villages. We stopped at almost every village and tasted the local mineral water. This month was one of the outstanding and new experiences for me.

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