The movement is life. Fotoexebition

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The moving is the important part of human's life. Of course now isn't necessary to speak how important it is, how that is good for organism. But the moving is important part of Green Sun Assocation's also. The project is calling ''Let's move''.

So, 27th of november in 2016 in Sport center of Kezdivasarlhey took place ''Let's move'' fotoexebithion. As already is clear the topic was a moving.

40 pictures shoed human's movement.

The event started at 6:00 and finished in 7:00. Around 40 people come and enjoy the exebition. After speech GSA's president Raduiy Atiila and GSA's member Kocsis Zoltan, schoolchild read a poem of course in hungarian.

Juri decided 3 prisec for 1th, 2nd and 3th placec. The praises were books.

The aim was to show photos, what show the right direction in what we can move for a better, eco-friendly transportation ways. Or even ideas of what we can do to breath more fresh air! The official opening of the exhibition and awarding of winners took place in Sinkovits Polyvalent Hall. Jurors were Bede Gábor, Nagy Lajos, Kelemen Gábor and Vetro András. On the exhibition recited Bernadett Fekete and Dombai Hanna, students from the Bod Peter High School.

Sponsors: Covasna County Council, SC NIKO SRL, Erasmus + , Sports Office of the City Kézdivásárhely.


Author- Zhenya Ohanyan