Moving afternoon in May

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The Green Sun Association together with the Sport Office are performing since the last year an event called “Moving afternoon” and yesterday, 26 of May 2015 they came back to the sport center to realize it again. Photos from the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

This event is orientated for young people but even the bigger ones are invited to spend a good time with their children`s. In this way we can find all kind of ages since the most young until high aged having fun with the youngsters. In total, around 95 persons came to the event to enjoy with us. Between the activities we had this last time, the “treasure hunter” (one of the typical in this event since the beginning), a blanket race, and different games like the “family animal cards”, Mölkky, Eco - Catan table game, manufacturing bracelets… and also the dance from the group of girls from the school “Dance is life”. The only problem in the event was the weather and we have had to change a little bit our program, and it can be also a problem for the participants to come. But this never stop us and we adapt ourselves to the situation. This event, moving afternoon, is celebrated all the months in the sport center and we invite all the people to participate with us. The doctors recommend to smile and being happy because is good for the health. And this event is for sure good and healthy in this way. The smiles and good mood is secured. For more info visit our web page Author: Clara. Photo: Ráduly Attila