My first weeks in Romania as EVS :)

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In the first days we needed a little time, because everything was new. After the first week on Tuesday we made a trip near Brasov, we hiked up in the mountains. For me it was a little bit strong, but I`ve done it and I was very proud of me. :) At the top of the Mountain there were a lots of donkeys and three dogs and beautiful landscapes so I was happy. After the day my legs hurting a little bit. The next days we were in the office, one time we had a presentation it was interesting. Last Friday the we had the first Green Sun Meeting it was very good. At the weekend we have planned a bike-tour for two days but unfortunately the weather for sunday was very bad, so we made it only one day. We started at the Stadion and I saw a lots of things it was fantastic. Unfortunately I had to give up after 40 km, because it was my first long bike tour so it was very strong for me. I hope that I can do it at the next bike tour until the end. Yesterday we went on a festival in Perkő it was on a big hill and there is a beautiful church. At the afternoon there was a show with dancer and at the evening there played a live-band it was a good day and I had a lots of fun. Today we had our first Ping-Pong lesson, I like this sport. At four a clock we had a drupal presentation in the office, it was very interesting. I`m very happy that I had chose for this project, it is great. The Green Association Team they are all very friendly people and they are a very good team. In the last three weeks I have learned a lots of new things it is great. In the future I will be learn the hungarian language so that i can speak a little bit with the people and to understand they. The weather is mostly very hot but it's good because I like the sun. I feel very comfortable here and hope that this will be a great one year. :) Viszlat!

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