My last blog entry

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Two weeks more! My father is already saying “hurry up and come”. I am doing all the preparations for everything I have to do during the next month, for the departure from Romania, the arrival to home and the next travel. I went the last weekend with Csaba´s family to one lake (I don’t remember the name, I just remember it was near Reci) and we slept there one night. It was really nice and his family is very kind. Also we went to St Anna lake the other night because it was there a party and we went with his friends. I drove back to Kezdi the car. I really like driving. About the work, we don’t have too much to do this days. We are with the Molnar park project basically and some other small things. We have put also the wooden informative cartels for the Nemere Trail. Now I realize this is probably the last blog entry I will make, so I’m going to make an exam of the year: We have been three volunteers working in the GSA. We don’t have been an easy group I think because of the problems between us. I´m sorry about that. You never know what´s going to happened when 3 persons have to live together and work together during one year. Is normal to appear problems, but it was not normal the way we managed them I think. In all this problems, mostly I have been passive because I don’t wanted to be involved in problems what is going to burn myself until the point I can’t more. But anyway y feel burned. In fact I think everyone left burned. About the GSA I’m happy to do my EVS with them. They took care of us with patient and helped us when we needed. This kind of organization is not very common in this area, and is really necessary. They do a really good work in this place. Related with the house, I’m going to miss it a lot. This is already for me a thing to call “home” and I forgot completely I have my own room in Spain. Talking about own rooms, I got used to share room with another person during half year or more, but it was amazing to have again my own space. I am a different person compared with the one I was when I came here. I don’t have too much more things to say so I’m going to say…. Good bye!! Take care all!! See you around the world. Clara Bejarano Sánchez.

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