Our National Heritage - Memorial Trees

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Last Weekend, from Friday until Sunday, the Bod Peter High school from Kézdivásárhely went on tour under the sun of October, in order to carry on with the project named Our National Heritage - Memorial Trees from Háromszék.

The project aim is to identify, discover, analyze the situation of the memorial trees in our county and mark them with a memorial table. Recording to the plans of the project we are trying to identify those trees, what were planted 118 years before to commemorate the Millennium and 2 years later for the memory of queen Elisabeta. Placing the memorial tables are quite important because this way we are showing to the young generation and to our community the living treasures from hour history. The partner organization are: Kelengye Association, Green Sun Association, the Women Association from Kézdivasarhely and Gábor Áron scout team nr. 34. And the financial support are from : Kovászna County Council and the Pro Schola Foundation. In each village or city where we had identity a memorial tree, the group of 50 teenagers with there 6 teachers stopped in order to sing some song and to read some poems to celebrate those beautiful trees who have seen generation and generation of inhabitants. All the village were very welcoming to us, offering some tea, coffee, cakes and some smiles. Some of them have also prepared a little ceremony so that the memory of history is very important to everybody. During our tour, we also had the chance to enjoy the cultural heritage of Covasna country : fortified churches, castle, gastronomy, village life style, fauna and flora author: Céline Berthier