Ping pong competition

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On 13 November, 2014, the Green sun Association together with the Sport Office and Ping pong School organized a competition of ping pong for kids and youngsters in the Sport center. 30 kids participated from different ages between 6 and 13 years, but also some younger and older age. Photos from the event are available on the association Facebook page.

It was separated in different classes depending on the gender and the age. In this way, we made grades each two years, and gave medals for first, second and third position, and diploms for all of them. The winners from each classification are:

  • - Born between 2008-2007 I. Gávay Leonárd II. Kerekes Dávid Benjámin III. Kertész Máté - Born between 2006-2005 I. Tót Dávid II. Máté Szabolcs III. Piroska Ákos, Kertész Dávid - Born between 2004-2003 I. Oláh László II. Tódor Nimród III. Varga Norbert, Kicsid Zsolt - Born between 2002-2001 I. Pakucs István II. Simon Csaba III. Straua Medárd


  • I. Ardelean Rebeka, Lukács Blanka II. Gerebenes Erika, Dumitru Beáta III. Menyhárt Zsanett, Tókos Mária Youth: I. Tódor Norbert II. Réti Lóránd III. Nagy Norbert Adult: I. Slekta Lajos II. Réti Lóránd III. Majlát János, Pakucs István

Is a good way to appreciate the effort of the kids and to promote the sports between the youngest people in Kezdi. A strong and healthy mind resides in a strong and healthy body, and we start to cultivate it since we are kids. Congratulations for all of you!

Clara Bejarano Sánchez.