A short but enjoyable adventure on the Nemere Trail

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Green Sun Association on 20th of August organized the third bike tour of this year. This time the chosen route was a shorter one, on the Nemere Trail, a green way what the organization marked in the former years. Nemere Trail is one of the biggest projects of Green Sun Association, and is unique in the region. It is built on our natural and constructed values and everybody who has the chance to make a small trip on it will love it and remember it forever. Photos taken at this event can be viewed on the Facebook page of the association.

The last bike tour, was organized in a special day, the day when all Hugarians in the world are celebrating the founder of Hungary King Saint Stefan. The tour started at 15 o´clok in the afternoon, and 20 persons participated on it. The smalest participant is only 1 year and 7 month, and was trasported by her mother in a special chair for child´s. The trip was enjoyable, and all the team after arriving to the newly constructed Nadika Spa could relax and rest our feet´s in the cold water.

After the well disserved rest we climbed the mountains and could observed the beautiful landscape and the celebration of Saint Stefan. After all the participants started to come home, and as it was getting dark, the way back was much faster. Thank you for our wonderful participants the time what they decide to spend with us, and for our partners to making this bike tours possible. See you next time, in a longer and more adventurous bike tour. 

Sponsor: Erasmus +

Author: Derzsi Katalin and Isabel Fernández

Picture: Isabel Fernández