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I´m almost feeling like if I should start the blog saying “dear diary…”. Anyway, I don’t have too much things to say (again) but I refuse to write 4 phrases and pretend that is a good work. Today is the Earth day (or it was because is already 0:26) and this weekend will be the spring event. We will pick trash, make a contest with the bikes to see who is the slowest, the moving afternoon… and will come also one astrologist to talk a little bit and we will have a “stars night” to look at the sky. It will be really nice. I am also really happy that I have my own room and I can lay in the bed to work, play, read, look a film… Sometimes we can listen one young neighbour playing the guitar and singing and for our surprise he sings quite good. But yesterday another neighbour wanted to listen music… and he pull his car next to the window of his room with the door and windows open and the music (some kind of old Romanian music) really loud. And also today I changed my hair color (again). I am the kind of person who don’t care about what the others think or say. I am a kind of relaxed person, and my happiness is a bullet proof wall. Changing the theme, I´m doing together with Katika the upcycling book. Is crazy how much work it needs to complete it. We will put also at the end the comic, so it should be finish the faster as possible. And that means more work for the book. But I have already a few things done, and it will be really nice at the end. And also now I remember, we have logo for the project!! Changing again and last time in this blog, the last week we decided to go for a trip with the bikes to Gelence. When we were arriving we saw the firemen with the truck and the mountain next to the town was in fire. Really dangerous because was very close to the town, and the houses are made of wood. It was a really hot day and I got a little bit burned from the sun, but it was really funny. See you I the next blog!!

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