Tóth Katalin's summary

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I’m Tóth Katalin. I finished my studies on Ecological and Environmental department of Babes Bolyai institution of higher learning. After I came home, in year of 2oo9, in my hometown, Kezdivasarhely, then I heard about the Green Sun Association. First it was four members in Green Sun Association, but the little team was enthusiastic, and theirs insistence and the big pleasure of work it was a forecast that it will be the key of the success. In present time in the newspapers we can found, almost every day, publications about the events in organization with Green Sun Association. I try, such as environmental specialist, to help the Green Sun Association to solve the environmental problems. But since the Green Sun Association’s work contains several other areas I have the possibility to getting a lot of new information. After I heard discourse about civvy street, civil rights and the benefits of volunteering I got a lot of new knowledge. I had the possibility to attend in a project writer competition, in teamwork with the Green Sun Association’s members where I knew new peoples and I had the chance to look insight in complicated system of project. Besides these, on divers occasions, we collected clothes for needy and we organized charity concert to collect money for treatment of leukemic children. Through the active participation on various events I have the possibility to attend not only in safekeeping of environment but in urban development of my hometown, Kézdivásárhely. Besides the work I attended on various excursions with memebers of Green Sun Association’s like cycling tour, bike parade and weekend excursions. Thanks for many colourful, exciting event I met a lot of new friends, who are for me not just members of Green Sun Association. Every protest, it can be work or fun, it pass in gleefully. I’m glad, that I met the Green Sun Association and I joined to members, helping theirs work. I’m proud that I’m a member of Green Sun Association.