Trekking at Asztag stone

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Few days before around 15 members of Green Sun Association prepared for trekking, which, as we were informed, had to been maximum 10 kilometer. So the members of organization, who are mostly young people, were happy to go that short trekking, because in wintertime long trekking is a bit hard. Event photos are available on the Facebook page of the association.

So, 4th of February Green Sun Association team start the trekking to Asztag stone. Transylvanian forest in wintertime of course is always beautiful. We saw the footsteps of bear and different animals, we could smell the smell of fir-trees, which is incredible. And during all the way us accompanied the birds with their pleasant songs.

Everything was very good. But when we started to cross the “snow field” we understood how cruel can be the life...))) Anyway, we crossed it and continued our way. As I wrote we were informed that we had to go 10 kilometer but the way was endless.

Overcoming all difficulties we saw the Asztag stone.

Of course coming back was easier. But after we knew that we trekked 19.7 kilometer instead of 10.)

Author: Zhenya Ohanyan

Photo: Enrique De Paz