Two beautiful weeks with my Family and Friends!

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I was now since 23. December in Austria, and I had a good time. At the beginning it was a little bit strange for me after an half year to be back at my home, but after some days, almost everything was like before. :) I tried to spend a lot of time with my family and my friends, and to enjoy the time with them, it was great. I love my family, they are the best. :) The two weeks were also a little bit stressful, because I planned a lot of things what I wanted to do and a lot of people wanted to meet with me. But it was also fantastic to see, how much poeple are interested what I'm doing now. Unfortunately the two weeks were very fast over,but it was very good. I was a little bit nervous, when I came back to Kezdi, but I was also happy to come back to Kezdi again because I was missing it. It's so a nice town and I'm happy to be here again. My plane started at 17 o'clock in Bucharest, after two hours I arrived in Munich. When I was at the pass control I saw already my father outside waiting for me and I was happy to see him and he was also very happy to see me. Than we drove home, the journey home was very funny, because after a while my father decided to let me driving and I said okay, but the last time when I drove a car, was half an year ago. It was very funny. :) At our home my mother was already waiting for us, and she made also a welcome poster for me. I was sooo happy to see my family and my best friends again!! It was the best! :) On Christmas we celebrated at first in our home, and after that we went to my grandmothers home. There I met all my aunts, uncles and cousins, we sang all together „Stille Nacht“ and it was a nice evening with the whole family. Another day we went to my other grandmother, and we celebrated there again with the other family, from my father's side. Two days later on the 26. of December, we celebrated the birthday from my little nephew, he is two years old and soooo cute. I love him so much! :) I was all the time playing, with him and the other children, and we had a lot of fun. With my Sister I spent also a lot of time and we talked a lot and we had a lot of fun together. :) Another day, I was with Sarah in the cinema she is one of my best friends. I like to go in the cinema. There were a lot of people, we were waiting half an hour for a ticket, but the film was very good. Also one day, some of my friends and me we went to a disco to make party. Another evening we were doing bowlen. It was fantastic, we had a lot of fun. ;) I enjoyed this two weeks a lot, with the best parents and the best sister on the world, with my sweet nephew and with my friends and grandmothers. It was good two weeks. In my region in Austria we have now soo much snow, it's amazing! :D Now I'm back in Kezdi and there is also a lot of snow, thats soo beautiful. I'm happy to be back, and I'm full of energy to continue, and it will be a great year here in romania. I was looking for the dog, which is always around our flat but she is not here. I hope I will see her soon, because before I went home she was always there, but since I'm back, I didn't saw her. I'm also looking forward to meet all my friends here again and to have fun. :) I wrote a lot, but thats just some things what I did the last two weeks in my home, I did a lot but I can't write everything it would be to much. Have a nice day and a Happy New Year !! :) Szia!

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