The upcycling book is real. Think green! Color the life.

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The importance of recycling and reusing our waste materials is not something new for us. But the people still refuse to participate in the ecology. We have to change the mentality and a good option is to start with kids and working with them together. To turn the face of the coin to the other side and to give to ourselves an opportunity to discover something new.

During the past 8 months the GSA and volunteers have been working in an upcycling book called “Think green! Color the life” (Gondolkodj zölden! Színezd az életet). They were working with different materials like glass, paper, carton, metal, plastic… and using only recycle things. In the process for the upcycling things participated the EVS volunteers (Celine Berthier, Melissa Öler and Clara Bejarano Sánchez) and the components of the GSA: Hodor Enikő, Derzsi Katalin, Derzsi Eszter, Bartos Tímea, Gyorgyjakab Boroka, Gayane Asatryan, Kelemen Zsolt, and some familiars.

The construction of the book was a work performed by Derzsi Katalin together with Clara Bejarano Sánchez. It was not an easy task regarded to the quantity of information to put together and the decoration of the pages to make it easy to read. In total the book have 104 pages, and some of them are different interviews related with games with kids (Hodor Enikő), pedagogy (Doltea Enikő), ecology (Kelemen Zsolt) and recycling (Clara Bejarano Sánchez). And at the end of the book we can find a green fantasy comic named “Who is the savage” (Ki az a vadember) made by the EVS volunteer Clara Bejarano Sánchez. For more info: Clara Bejarano Sánchez.