Volunteer Championship!

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 Once again Green Sun Association went to Sfantu Gheorghe to show how good his volunteers  are in different kinds of sports. It was a different Saturday where seven organizations from the region participated giving the best of themselves. The chosen place was the local Sport Centre whilst outside was cold and raining a little bit. Age range was 16 until 30, therefore a variety of people played with their organizations thanks of the promoter of the event; Turulmadár Ifjúsági Iroda. Summing up, this was the program of the event:

  • Morning started with hockey. The participants started to wake up and hitting the ball with the stick, the matches started to became exciting; indeed one stick flew along the sport centre.

Lunch time arrived and helped to recover the energy that some participants lost in the previous 2 hours.

  • After lunch came one Puzzle-game  where 5 participant of each team made a picture-puzzle of another organization where time counts, so in the air we could feel the stress of making it faster and finish before our “enemies”,  the teams started to scream “finished!”.
  • A different version of XO surprised us where most important was the speed and the strategy of each team.
  • One of the funniest moments arrived after; when one of the teams needed to search for wood cubes blinded whilst another tried to guide him by the disturbing screams of other team were interfering on. Rolling, jumping or swimming on the floor were some of the strategies during time passed
  • The football closed the event. This was the determinant proof to be named the winner of the event.

The prices arrived and going from last place last year, The Green Sun Association achieve the first position this year, a remarkable merit owing to good sport level of participants.

Although in some games the rivalry was in the ambience, the day demonstrates a good relationship between organizations and a healthy day.  Let’s see if we can keep the crown of winners the next year!


Enrique de Paz and Silvia Blanco.