As a volunteer in the Green Sun Association XXIV - Bandi Zsolt

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I took up volunteering as a university student, to have something to spend my free time with – at first I dealt with it to a small extent, later to a larger one. After graduating and returning to my home town, Targu Secuiesc, I very much wanted to continue volunteering. Browsing on the internet, I found the Green Sun Association and also noticed that many of my acquaintances were already in this group. I gathered my courage and I joined this active little group. At first I went to one or two events, but then I started to get involved more and more actively, until it became a weekly program for me. As soon as I got to know the association, I started to dig myself deeper in its activities.

My experience is that once you’ve tasted what volunteering is about, and you got involved more than once or twice, you cannot imagine your life without it anymore. You can use much of the experience acquired here, in different areas of life. Here’s one example: five months ago, I dared to utter only three words: ʻhello,’ ʻyes’ and ʻno.’ Now, I have developed to say simple sentences. One thing is important: you have got to come and try, the rest is a piece of cake. I know I haven’t regretted that I joined the group!

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