Contest for students from Gyál, Hungary

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Green Sun Association organized an interactive contest for students arriving in visit from Gyál, Hungary. After a brief presentation of the organization and program we started the competition organized Thursday evening. Photos during the competition are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The competition was run by EVS volunteers Silvia Gonzalez Blanco, Jenya Ohanyan and Enrique De Paz Miguel, and members Derzsi Katalin, Kónya László and Ráduly Attila.
Gábor Áron Technology High Court was transformed into a playing field where teams of 3-4 members during 2 hours played different games. Students came from Zrínyi Miklós Secondary School ,Gyál, Hungary and participated in activities with high interest. The aim of the competition was to develop skills like creativity, logical thinking, cooperation, teamwork, etc. All 17 children were finally rewarded with a healthy apple.

Thank you for the invitation too Mr. Péter János and for the assistance provided in the contest.