Cooperation with young people from neighboring countries, organized by the Norma Foundation in Eger

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In the first days of March 2019, was held the third meeting, the first this year, by the Norma Foundation in Eger under the project Cooperation with Young People in Neighboring Countries with the code EFOP-5.2.2-17-00080. This meeting was attended by the 5 international partner organizations and partner organizations in Hungary, as well as several other people dedicated to this cause. The photos from the conference can be viewed on the Facebook page of the Green Sun Association.

As we have already highlighted in previous reports, the main objective of the project is to prevent the migration of young people, to find and formulate the causes, to develop common strategies for keeping young people at home and to attract them home. The third conference was opened by Edit Molnár, project manager, who presented the results of the previous year as well as the activities carried out. Dr. Patkós Csaba followed, presenting the current state of research and results, and Dr. Simon David held a professional and full of content presentation titled "The Tendency of Youth Emigration".

The second day of the conference began with an interactive presentation of Dorner László about volunteering and personal development. After this activity the participants under the direction of  Dr Patkós Csaba debated and accepted the series of questions, on which interviews and questionnaires will be based and conducted. The Green Sun Association in Târgu Secuiesc was represented by Ráduly Attila, Szabó Attila, respectively Derzsi Katalin and Derzsi Eszter.

The project called EFOP-5.2.2 - Transnational cooperation is supported by the European Union under the Széchenyi 2020 Program.