The corporate identity manual has been designed!

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During the past few months the Green Sun Association had been working on and finally designed its corporate identity manual. The booklet can be viewed on the internet.

This manual gives comprehensive instructions on how to use the visual elements of the association. Our association considers that it is important to have high-standard visual appearance. In order for visual communication to work properly, there was great need of making a corporate identity manual that would include all standard corporate identity elements, that the association uses on each printed material and electronic space and that would set the rules, the applications and the prohibitions concerning them. The manual offers guidance for using corporate elements, like the logo, the business card, different certificates, stickers, posters ... The work was done by the help of Gayane Asatryan, Balázs Attila, Barti János, Ieva Brikmane and Mihály Csaba, who were coordinated by Györgyjakab Boróka. The Green Sun Association would like to thank these people for the great work they have done.

Author: Molnár Szende Translation: György Andrea