Creativity with waste

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On the 5 of December 2014, the Green Sun Association EVS volunteers, Györgyjakab Boróka, the class leader teacher, and the president of the GSA went to "Nagy Mózes" High School in order to organize a creative activity to a class of 27 teenagers. Pictures from the event can be viewed on the Facebook page of the association.

The aim of the activity was to promote creativity. Nowadays the consumerism society force us to buy something immediately when we need it. But the human creativity can do a lot by itself, with his two hands. The class was separated in 6 group of 4 students. Each team had to create a imaginary machine from different kind of waste. At the end each team present their machine. To conclude, each team had to put a grade to each other machine. At the end, everybody got chocolate.

Author : Céline Berthier