Crossing Romania

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For two weeks we worked without a day off, so we have accumulated several days off. We decided to travel abroad and Serbia was lucky.

We left early in the morning, and the weather in Târgu Secuiesc was as always gloomy and cool. As always, the car was hitchhiking. We caught the car to the crossroads in Brasov. Then, after standing for 30 minutes near the road, we reached Brasov. The driver was very responsive and took us to the main road in the direction of Sibiu.

From there, another very good man drove us to the nearest village, since he lived there. After Brasov, the weather changed drastically, the sun was shining (which we had not seen for several days), and it was warm and pleasant.

Suddenly a taxi stopped and took us to Sibiu. When we got there, it was already around 13:00. Summer was walking around Sibiu, the sun was shining in my eyes, and I felt that my brain began to melt from the heat.

A car stopped with a couple of gypsies. They were on their way to Germany, so they could take us to the Deva crossroads. But they took us to Timișoara (an additional 150 km). Very loud music was playing in the car and it was very hot, so my mood was not very good. And everything would be fine if they did not demand money from us, allegedly for gasoline. Hitchhiking means you bring someone with you for free.
From Timisoara to the nearest settlement near the border (Moravița) we reached by train.

From there we wanted to walk on foot, but just in case we stopped the cars. The truck stopped, which brought us to the border. We crossed the border of Romania and Serbia on foot, I jumped over this border.
What will happen next read in the next blog ...

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