Don`t waste LIVE more - ECO CHRISTMAS

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The holidays are coming . Lately holidays are associated with huge waste and consumption. Fortunately there are many ways to protect the environment during the holidays. A few from these methods have been presented on December 12 on the event Don`t waste live more organized already for the fourth time by the Green Sun association. Photos from the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The workshop from Friday was addressing to those children who like to craft . During the manufacture of the four items , the approx. 70 participants could realize that celebrating a green Christmas not only protect our environment, but at the same time is a modern method of celebrating. Green Christmas and other green holidays does not mean to give up the celebrations, it means to be aware , to be full of ideas and to be responsible for your act. The majority of the participants came from Csipkerózsika kindergarten . Partner of the event was the sport office from the city .