Easter eggs

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On Friday, March 29th, the three EVS volunteers in Green Sun Association had the occasion to discover the Hungarian culture during Easter week and especially the customs of decorating eggs. Photos taken at the event can be viewed on the facebook page of the association.

Szabó Ildikó, who is decorating eggs since her 15 years, shows us how to proceed. First, eggs are emptied by making two small holes at the ends of them. You just have to blow through the small hole and the egg flows. Second, you put the wax on the egg with a pencil made of copper and wood. There are many ways to decorate eggs: with geometric shapes or ornamented with plants and flowers. Every egg has his symbology: sun (symbol of Jesus), star (Mary), heart (inlove), lily of the valley (goodness and virginity)… Third, you put the eggs in a paint bath, the parts of the eggshell that had previously covered with wax remained uncolored. Then you take off the wax by warming the egg. On Easter Monday, man pours water or perfume over women's heads, this ritual is associated with fertility. In exchange of that, women have to give to man an Easter Eggs. Volunteers have made few Easter eggs during this event. It’s the opportunity to discover the Hungarian folklore and participate in this pleasant tradition that is still alive here.

Author: Emmanuelle Baillet Photo: Gema Puerma Castillo