Ecotivity - Youth Exchange report

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Between 6 and 13 November 2016 in Hungary Felsőtárkány 6 young people had the opportunity to represent the Green Sun Association. One of the main purposes of youth exchanges held in a small village near the town of Eger has been strengthening organizational relationships, because young people represented different associations from Slovakia, Austria, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania and Hungary. As the youngsters were coming from different regions we have learned about different cultures, about new opportunities and I can confirm with certainty that one of the effects of youth exchanges is broadening our horizons. Photos during the exchange are available on the Facebook page of the association.

Activities in the youth exchange we can distinguish on two largest categories: presentations in the conference room  and visiting different areas of the region. The presentations were focused on professionalism, discovering new opportunities, motivation, presentations about each participating organization. Presentations gave the opportunity to learn about participants - organizations and also gave the chance to develop the ability to communicate.

The practical part of the exchange was to visit different places like Eszterházy Károly University Botanical Garden, Széchenyi Street, Valley Szépasszony, Kolpcsik marzipan shop, candy store Stühmer, Vineyard Bocsa Pincész, Factory Türk & Hillinger etc,. these are only some of our visits, and their multitude reflects the fact that we know after us an eventful week.

Green Sun Association  from Kézdivásárhely, Romania was represented by Sebestyén Henrietta, Pál Zsuzsanna, Sala Beáta, Dézsi Henrietta, Orbán Andrea and Szekeres László. Youth Exchange Ecotivity was organized with the support of the European Commission Erasmus +  by H- Union.

Photo and text: Sala Beáta