Enjoying a sunny Thursday morning  in Gelence!!

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Remembering the trees and birds day we did a lot of games to educate and concern about that. Nowadays all the forest in the world are being cut down so the birds are one of the most affected by it. Through outside and inside activities we tried to explain the importance of this problem to the small children. Photos from the school are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The morning started with one piece of paper and a little bit imagination, and the children could make a origami bird. Enjoying the good weather, we moved the class to the yard and we played with them one game to know the paper of woodkeepers, the trees and the foresters. They could know the importance of the woodkeepers in our forest.

We tested the knowledge of the children with some pictures about different animals, and also we explained a little bit about that. We can’t forget the game with three elements: water, earth and wind, was very funny and they want play more all the time, so that means that they enjoy a lot.

Was a wonderful morning with very good and participate children, we hope to come back to teach more about environmental education and enjoy with them playing.

Author: Silvia Blanco Gonzalez