Erasmus +’s presentation in Bod Péter High School

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In 2 and 3 of November in 2016 Green Sun Association was in Bod Péter High School. Everytime is a bit hard to think what to do with children in this age (16-17) because they are almost adults and you have to be very careful with them. With smaller children is very easy- some interesting presentations, games and thats all.They are satisfated. But with hig school’s pupils is other. More pictures of the event here.

So we decided at fist to present Erasmus + (Youth exchange and EVS). Most of them already can participate in Youth exachange, so good to know. Maybe some of them would like to apply. And also they will be 18 very soon and they can apply for EVS.

After Ráduly Attila’s presentation me (Zhenya Ohanyan) and Enrique (Enrique De Paz) told children about EVS,about our feelings and also explained why important to do EVS, to live in abroad,etc.. First day after presentation we made one game. We separated children to groups and they had to made an interview about EVS with each other and record by phone. Children did it with pleasure. They were so creative. Second day me and Enrique spoke about our countries. Enrique song one Spanish song, told them about Spain. Also children were courios- does Enruiqe like local people, local traditions.

Here Armenian letters are interesting almost for all. The cause is they are not latin. So for local people is very interesting how I am writing. Bod Peter high school wasn’t exaption.

So, we hope children were satisfated and in future for sure they will participate one of Erasmus +’s projects.