The Evaluation of the First Kalith Attila Sports Day

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On the 25th of November in the Kicsid Gábor sports hall an evaluation of the project “Kalith Attila Sportday” was held. The evaluators were Ráduly Attila, the president of the Green Sun Association, Kocsis Zoltán, the executive of the sport office and Davit Mamulyan, Armenian ESC volunteer. After 3 months of preparation, this project came to fruition with the cooperation and co-financing of the Kovászna County Office for Youth and Sports. The photos taken at the press conference can be found on the Facebook page of the Association.

As an essential part of the project and with a tradition-forming purpose, the organizers named the sports day after Kalith Attila, the first prizewinner of Pro Urbe Kézdivásárhely, in order to salute him. There were more than 200 participants of this sporting event. The organizers tried to introduce multiple exercises which involved the whole body, paying close attention also to the atmosphere.

On this press conference Kocsis Attila elaborated on the achievements of Kalith Attila, who was the head coach of Traktor and Amidex Sports Club in Kézdivásárhely between 1963-79. Most of the athletic achievements of the town can be connected to his name. One of his athletes became a national champion in 1965. Furthermore, his athletes participated in 41 international championships, winning 5 individual titles and 4 group titles. During the athletic heyday of Kézdivásárhely, his sport enthusiasts enriched our town with 61 national titles.

After the presentation, Ráduly Attila announced the schedule for the day. The free event started with running, where a lot of students joined from the Túróczi Mózes and Petőfi Sándor Schools. During this time, the individuals who did not want to run had the chance to choose from a variety of other activities. For instance they could try themselves in skill games, like the Japanese mokuru or taking part in the jump rope competition. Later in the day, the focus was on the ball games, like table-tennis, football-tennis and keepy-uppy. Regarding the keepy-uppy, in the junior category the winner was Nagyoláh Róbert, the second prize went to Hegyeli Márk and Szávuly Dénes-Richárd finished on the third place. Among the 18-35 years category the winner was Vitán Domokos, on the second place there was Straua Medárd and on Erős Rudolf finished as third. After the hours long football-tennis championship the winners were as follows – I. Bodó Márk és Gázsmér Ernő, II. Opra Roland és Gergely Botond, III. Gábor Erik és Vitán Domokos. The Sports Day ended with a “memory running” for Kalith Attila, where a diploma was handed to the family.

At the end of the press conference there was a rollup and a short video made by Davit Mamulyan.

Photo credits: Petek Taykan and Fozocos George