Family and health week

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Sports Office of Targu Secuiesc, organized for the sixth consecutive time The week of family and health between 7-14 of June. Zoltán Kocsis from Sports Office at the May 27 press conference, said that the aim of the event is to remove the families from the daily routine, devoid of sport. The main organizer of this year enjoys the support of several civil organizations in the region. Photos from the conference are available on the association's Facebook page.

Róbert Raff priest, representative of the association Manna speak about the importance of family movements: "In the classical context family and marriage begins with the blessing of God, so we should pay attention of inhabitants of the region on Christian values. Movements in the family are becoming more powerful across Europe, we still are at the beginning, but increasingly most have started talking about the events made by us. Our goal is to build a Festival of families. " On June 7, the organizers expect everybody in the Sunday service. Sütő Mária Rita and Csavar Matis Katalin, from the association Pro Pectus awaits those interested with limbo dance, with different games, with workshops for families with stories. Ráduly Attila, the president of Green Sun Association presented the three events they organize in partnership with the sports office. They will hold ping pong championship, family running day and road cycling tour on Nemira Trail. Participants in the tour will receive a hot meal. In memory of Zoltan Szabó will organize a football tournament. In addition to these events will be organized family football, gymnastics for tots, family street-ball, etc. Csaba Katona, TRX professor will give a presentation on family health in the June 11 Thursday, starting at 18:00. After a presentation will be held TRX about functional fitness at the Sinkovits stadium. The event has a drawing competition for children on the theme: Together in family. On Sunday June 14, the organizers expect participating families with a hot meal. For information and registration call 0754-646744. Photo: Celine Berthier