Family dance – Exhibition of the drawing contest

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The evaluation of incoming drawings at Family dance contest is over! The evaluators were Máthé Reka, Dobolyi Ani and Margit Turóczy from the Green Sun Association. The evaluators had a difficult task in choosing the best drawing, judging lasted three hours.

A total of 458 drawings was evaluated, distributing it in the following categories:

5 years - 41 drawings

6 years - 58 drawings

7 years - 102 drawings

8 years - 62 drawings

9 years - 80 drawings

10 years - 87 drawings

11 years - 18 drawings

12 years old - 9 drawings

19 years -1 drawing

Thanks for submitted applications. The gifts for the awarded persons can be picked up at the official opening. Come to the official opening as you can be one of the winners. Each applicant will receive some small surprise.

Pro Pectus and Green Sun association`s invites you therefore on April 29, at 17 am at the headquarter of Pro Pectus for the official opening of the exhibition and to the awards ceremony