The fifth issue of the Green Sun newspaper was published

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The newest issue of the Green Sun newspaper that is the fifth one was published. In this publication we can read among many other things about the Green Days of Spring, organized at the end of March, about the Learning-by-Doing Project and about how a collection of books got to Datk, a village in Brasov department.

In this issue edited by Bíró Levente readers can find out that the most active volunteer of the season was Györgyjakab Boróka, and they can also read about ZNE volunteer, Mihaly Csaba’s account of how he became in touch with the activities and the life of the association. The article written by Ráduly Attila, ‘EVS- Endless Opportunities,’ offers useful information about the European Volunteering Service. Kelemen Zsolt environmental engineer (Green Sun volunteer) presents a short professional description on the forming of the Medve (Bear)-Lake in Sovata and the physical-chemical and microbiological characteristics of its water. Moreover we can read interesting accounts of the Latvian, Armenian, and Turkish evenings. The ones, who offered us a glimpse into the culture of these unknown, exotic worlds to us, were the two girls who are volunteers at the Green Sun Association and our special guest volunteer, Ahmet Basik. In the interview made with the Armenian Gayane Asatryan we are told about how she became a member of the EVS project and about why she chose the Green Sun Association in Targu Secuiesc.

The publication which appears for free in every three months can be read on the webpage of the association.

Author: Molnár Szende Translated by György Andrea