First toys for Lemhény village!

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On December 14 Green Sun Association went in Lemhény village, the visit was very important. Green Sun Association from November 1 still december 1 was holding a toy collection campaign-"One toy one smile". Photos taken at this event can be viewed on the Facebook page of the Green Sun association.

The aim of this action is to give smile to children for Christmas. And Green Sun collect a lot of toys. The first toys got Lemhény village. "The green sun " give toys " to Manna" house. "Manna" house has 25 children. Twenty of them are orphans, other are poor childrens. Toys were taken by Green sun's two evs volunteers Gayane Asatryan from Armenia, Ieva Brikmane from Latvia, Ráduly Attila president of green sun and members Derszi Eszter and Vajda Timea. They also play with children, make Christmas decoration from different recycled things. Gayane and Ieva show presentation about Armenia and Latvia and answer the children’s questions. Also "Manna" house representative Raff Andrea and Dimény Júlia help to play with children. Green Sun Association will give toys to , Kisborosnyó, Ikafalva, Nagyborosnyó and Lisznyó villages also. Green Sun says big thanks to everybody who participate at the "One toy one smile” event. And special thanks to the kindergarden number 5 for the participation and they donation.

Author: Gayane Asatryan