Four months on the project, or "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

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Every day of our lives we learn something new, sometimes without even knowing it. Every day we compare, study, realize, reflect. Having lived 4 months in another country, I was even more convinced that all people are completely different! I had to face instant sympathy and antipathy, absolute idyll and complete incompatibility, gratuitous help and categorical misunderstanding. We are all heroes of different situations and different stories. I tried to understand what are misunderstandings between people, how to deal with them and whether to do it or not.

Poems for children by Vladimir Mayakovsky " what is good and what is bad?" a very popular poet in Russia.". Since childhood, we were first parents and relatives, then they were joined by teachers, teachers and professors, teach how to do and what to do. Growing up, each of us chooses some truth for himself, learns from his mistakes, does what he considers necessary for himself. Our " I " consists of many factors. The project should communicate, live, interact with many people from different countries, and for each of these people, as for me, there are "good" and "bad" things. And these concepts differ not only for perception of the person, but also for the country from which this person are. Something we allow ourselves, although where we live, it is not accepted, and vice versa, some things we consider unacceptable for themselves, although this is quite normal for the country in which we are. Often what is " good "for you is very" bad " for others and vice versa. For example, I like to be engaged in self-education or creativity at a strange time-early in the morning, at 5-6 o'clock, or even late at night. I perfectly understand that not all people "larks" or "owls", and my "good" should not interfere with anyone.

Many habits and rules of behavior we get in the learning process. For example, in Russia it is not very accepted, and for many it is considered to be uncultured, disrespectful and bad behavior to kiss, hug, talk loudly or laugh, to sort things out in public places or in the company of friends. He doesn't say anything about our fanaticism or conservatism or anything like that, but he says something about respect.

Education what we receive plays a huge role in the formation of us as a person. Echoes of our profession are visible in our lives. Culture and richness of speech are inseparable from us in any situation. Difficulties in communication arise often, and the reason for this is not only the lack of knowledge of the language or the ability to use it, but also the difference in mentalities, characters and much more. What is a joke or a worthy phrase in your country, in the company of your close friends, colleagues or acquaintances, will not always be correctly understood and accepted in the environment of other people. As an example, quite harmless Russian word "pool" - an artificial pond for swimming, in the French language will have a completely different meaning. Facial expressions and emotions, which we are used to, are not always clear and correctly perceived by residents of other countries. If, for example, the French are used to hold back in the manifestation of emotions, Italians gesticulate and smile a lot, the Spaniards speak loudly and violently, it does not mean that your interlocutor from China, Belgium or Russia should be the same. If there is a desire to please the interlocutor and be with him "on the same wavelength" - become a mirror and reflect his condition and behavior.

Domestic legislation was also bearing fruit. During the holidays in Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan and now, living in Romania, I feel the diversity of the world of prohibitions! The difference in the clothes of Jordanian women singled me out in the local color, the behavior of Turkish men sometimes frightened. In Russia, there is a law "on the prohibition of smoking in public places"," on the sale and drinking of alcoholic and alcohol-containing products at a certain time"," on the prohibition of unaccompanied minors after 22 hours in public places", and when I'm in another country and see children walking at 11 o'clock in the night, or people who drink beer at a stop, it is difficult to move away from the perception of "bad". In such situations, the principle of "understand and accept", as they say - "When in Rome, do as the Romans" or "With your samovar do not go to visit."

Man is such a creature that can get used to everything, learn to live in harmony. There are different ways to reach consensus, someone abstracts and lives by their own laws, someone accepts the rules of the game of other people or another country, in any case-the choice is always yours. Regardless of age, religious affiliation, education, upbringing, social status, place and standard of living, do not forget that "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones", if you were born a man, be a man always.

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