Fourth bicycle tour of the year!

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Around 30 participants and the sun respond to the invitation of Green Sun Association on September the 7th for the last bicycle tour of the year. The photos about the event can be viewed on the Green Sun Association’s facebook page.

Our participants have ridden their bikes in these following settlements: Kézdivásárhely - Kézdiszentlélek - Kézdiszentkereszt - Bélafalva - Kurtapatak - Esztelnek - Csomortán - Kézdialmás - Lemhény - Bereck - Kézdimartonos - Ozsdola – Sárfalva. During the trip, our energetic cyclists get through Perkő in Kézdiszentlélek, or natural bath in Kézdimartonos. Also, at the occasion of the Family and Health week, our participants participate on a presentation made by Kocsis Virág at the Manna Center in Lemhény, where Raff Róbert hosted us and offered lunch for the riders. It was a pleased and joyful 61 km trip through the Nemere Trail thanks to all the participants and organizers. Author: Emmanuelle Baillet