French event

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April 16th was a good day to know more about French culture in general. Elaine Ivassenko and Emmanuelle Baillet (EVS in Green Sun association) presented their country at Vigadó. There were a lot people interested on it. Photos taken at the event can be viewed on the facebook page of the association.

Elaine and Emmanuelle presented France like a country of landscapes, is the biggest country in European Union, and that’s why you can see a lot of different views. Is a country full of a very rich history, and the castles are a little part of this truth, we could see this in a video. They presented all the country, the different areas that they call the hexagon. Because France is not only one culture, one language or one costume all around, so now we can now know more about different parts of this country. We also could see the different parts of the world which are from France, beautiful islands all around the world, of course with different culture. About Paris, we saw the part less unknown. After the presentation, Elaine presented a dance, typical from French Britain. And People had the chance of taste different French food, sweet and salty, it was a success!

Author and Photo: Gema Puerma Castillo