Funny morning in Kézdikővár general school

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On the 30th of January in Kézdikővár (around 10 minutes by car from Kézdivásárhely), the 3 EVS went to the school of the village and organized some activity for the student. For them, it was the last day of school. Pictures made n the event are available at the association Facebook page .

The children aged from 6 until 14 were separated in 3 groups: the little, the middle and the older. Melissa organized a craft activity with recycling plastic bottle and toilet paper roll in order to make bracelet and planes. Clara organized a scientific morning is funny experiment to understand hygiene and physic phenomenal. Céline organized inter-cultural games around Europe and about French language. About 70 children participated to this activity. It was benefit for them but also for the volunteer whom had the chance to practice their Hungarian.

Author: Céline Berthier