Future or present?

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I have been in Romania as a volunteer less than two months. Many of my friends considered this project a senseless waste of time, that it wouldn’t help me to find a profession and I would waste a year in vain. But even two monthes have not passed since that time I already feel tremendous changes in my life.

Since my student days, I've used to worked hard to earn money, but never thought about my future profession. Every day I wanted to try something new, go somewhere, do extreme sports or just meet a sunraise with my friends carefree. But instead of making them come true, I came up with excuses, I didn't have enough strength to do it after work and on the only day off I preferred to just sleep.

This program helped me to find myself again, to turn the page in my life. I got to know wonderful people who have fun with me and motivate me. I've already tried a thousand things that I've only thought about before. I tried hitchhiking, met sunraises, traveled to other cities without even having a clue where we would spend the night or what we would do, tried new sports, visited dog shelters or just wandered around the cities at night.
Yes, it may not help in my future profession, but it definatley will help me to find myself.

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