Gayane and Armenia

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On 12 April Armenian National Evening took part in Kézdivásárhely, which was organized by Gayane Asatryan, Green Sun Association EVS volunteer. The photos about the presentation are on view on the Facebook page of Green Sun Association.

Green Sun Association has two EVS volunteers from Armenia (Gayane Asatryan ) and from Latvia (Ieva Brikname). Now this unbelievable active girls live in Kézdivásárhely, work with this association .In a few words Girls are workaholics and Armenian Evening proved it. The evening lasted 1 hour. It started with the welcome speech of Chairman of Green Sun Association Ráduly Attila. Then Gayane presented information about Armenia. Guests were informed about Armenia, Armenians, culture, geographical location , nature, colors of flag and coat of arms, alphabet and fait. Guests had a chance to taste Armenian food like tolma, sweet gata, Armenian traditional bread- lavash. It was a game during this evening. It was a coin in the gata. Tóth Balint was the most successful man in that evening and the coin was in his piece of gata. Then they watched films about Armenia. Gayane danced Armenian solo dance, then learned guests Armenian dance- qochari. They speak about Armenian old (2 000 years) instrument Duduk, they have a pleasure to try dance armenian national dance Qochary. Note also that the whole evening was translated from English into Hungarian by Derzsi Katalin. At the end we need to make a note about Latvian national evening ,over what worked other volunteer from Latvia – Ieva Brikname . It was on 9 March. National evenings seem to be traditional in Green Sun Association. On 3 May another EVS- Ahmet Basik from Turkey, is going to present Turkish National Evening. The project is supported by the second subsection of the European Voluntary Service, part of the Youth in Action program.