German lessons with nice students

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Since February every Thursday beginning from 18 o'clock we held German lessons in the Green Sun Association office. The teacher was the volunteer from Austria Melissa Öller, she tried her best to teach so well as she can the German language for the students. Photos from the event are available on the association's Facebook page.

The lesson continues until the end of July so they still can learn more. Until now the students learned some basics as: ABC, the numbers, the time, also some grammars, and how to present themselves, and more. At the beginning there were about 35 people, who were interested to learn the German language. Melissa decided to make two groups. Finally now there are 8-9 people who still coming, they have the will to learn this language and don't give up, that's really great. All the classes until now were really nice and funny, and teaching to others your mother-language is a really great experience. For the students: Don't give up and keep learning, and you will speak soon fluently German. ;)

Author: Melissa Öller